Teams don’t just form! They need creating – and maintaining. And just like any other relationship there are times when we want to challenge ourselves to do something new, when things get sticky or we need to re-evaluate where we are. At times like this it is useful to have someone from outside the situation, with no particular axe to grind, who can create an environment where all members feel able to contribute. A facilitator will also challenge you to really think through your aims and create clearer action plans – and provide a focus for achieving them.

There are also times when it is important for a team leader to feel free to step back – or to feel able to participate more fully. Having someone else who can lead on structuring and facilitating a meeting can better enable this to happen.

As an external facilitator I can work with you to create a creative and supportive environment to take your team to a new level.

If you are interested in exploring how I can support your team please contact me on 07790 508458

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