Essential Coaching Skills Courses

Two key reasons people leave their jobs are because they feel unsupported or not listened to.

However, many managers and team leaders feel that they are constantly having to supervise and guide team members whilst feeling they barely have time to do their own jobs.



"I feel that I can improve my skills to empower my staff and support their needs”


Developing good coaching skills can really help you enable your team members to become more confident to undertake their work with less supervision.

This 2 day workshop will focus on developing and using effective coaching skills in your environment. 

It will be followed about 4 weeks later with a ½ day Action Clinic to review progress and discuss some of the more challenging situations you have faced.

The programme  

This interactive and engaging programme will enable participants to:

  • Explain the role and importance of effective coaching skills in empowering team members to work independently
  • Identify situations where coaching skills could be used appropriately
  • Engage colleagues in supportive and productive coaching conversation
  • Describe and demonstrate key effective coaching skills for a work context



7th & 8th March 2020

at the Devon Business Education Centre near Payhembury

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